The Mikado method diagram from the book

This is a note to any software developer who is stuck refactoring 100k+ LOC C or Java project, where changing anything at all will break the system.

I came across this method a few years ago and it has been immensely useful to me for any sort of complex project…

Prepared for DUT, Nov. 13, 2013, New Brunswick, Canada

Being a student in the Diploma in University Teaching course, I have learned quite a lot about teaching. This was surprising to me, as I never thought of teaching as something one learns to do, but rather something one has a…

Currently we pronounce the “www” in most urls on the internet as “double-u double-u double-u”. This is uncessarily long and complicated. My proposal is to pronounce it as “triple-u” instead.

For example, would be pronounced as “triple-u dot google dot com.”

Here is how we arrive at this pronunciation:

  1. We have a single “u”.

2. We have “w”, which consists of two “u”s, so we say “double-u”.

3. We have “www”, which consists of three “w”s, but instead of clumsy “triple-double-u”, we might as well say “triple-u”, and no confusion will result.

Thanks to my dad who suggested this years ago.

Andriy Drozdyuk

“Ideas are everywhere but knowledge is rare”

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